What a Season!

As the 2015 wedding season is winding down, we want to thank all of the brides and grooms that chose Party Island as their wedding decorations vendor!  We truly enjoyed working with all of you and hope you’re enjoying life as newlyweds!

This season, we provided services to weddings from Decorah, IA to Cedar Falls, IA to La Crosse, WI and even to Saint Paul, MN!  We look forward to seeing where the 2016 wedding season will bring us!

We wanted to share a few photos from a few of our weddings, but encourage you to share photos of your own as well!

Cover Photo 1397720_10153369454909320_4032371289820658957_o  11143712_10153369454849320_1495427596736700704_o Wedding Decor1526662_10153369455429320_1764294476850982225_n 11392872_10153369455074320_3016642426823185421_n 11392805_10153369454824320_4007625540813697720_o 11406631_10153369455454320_4131637248964225168_o 10514376_10153449345484320_4392855502340747261_o 11713787_10153449345509320_1770035421165535730_o 10669009_10153449345869320_3738955828327946525_o 11722168_10153449345654320_1949198762836360635_o 11046240_10153449345694320_2265225799889070332_o 1658286_10153449345609320_7930925475240087705_o 11411877_10153449352184320_4209084977867934335_o 11698975_10153449345744320_2935107274043307934_o 11927819_10153559145959320_1894476580179021804_o 11952713_10153568776769320_4905770118214198960_o 11934524_10153559146114320_6755487999711773611_o 11908935_10153559146064320_8129546387286381514_o 11047935_10153559146414320_1521946023062815253_o 11953593_10153559146314320_4530898433793292243_o 11960255_10153559146269320_6057526401182216166_n


2 thoughts on “What a Season!

  1. Could I get your phone number and hours of business. I have a daughter getting married next October and we would like to make an appointment to come and visit with you. Thank you.


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